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the human mind is the most powerful object in the universe, and i'm very displeased that you can't harness its powers to their fullest extent without using a drug.

today proved that the human mind can produce visuals, sensations, feelings and emotions that could be unimaginable to most people.

having all of your senses being tangled up into one big mass may seem frightening, but it is amazing.

experiencing how colors feel, how they taste, how they smell, all these sudden sensations become a wonderful part of your day.

experiencing what it's like to see music, smell music, all at once, while you're listening to it.

the emotions you feel on it are various. you may feel upset, angered, even frightful at times.

other times you have a sense of euphoria, a sense of joy and pleasure.

these emotions can vary and alter as a result to the way you react to your surrounding stimuli.

you experience very new things. things that you thought were impossible before.

it can make all of your wildest dreams come true.

it can change your life, your perception on the world, on your life, etc.

no one really will know whether or not today could have affected my life as a whole.

i feel a sense of joy, bewilderment and exhaustion.

your mind can get very tired after ten hours of strenuous psychotic exercise.

i wish i could spread this joy to the rest of the world, so they could experience what i experienced today.

some of my close friends will come with me later on and experience it for themselves.

i'm sure they'll love it.

and i'll be with them loving every moment of it.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide,

you're a wonderful discovery, i'd love to share you with the rest of the world.

you will remain a close friend to me from now on.

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