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lately i've been realizing many things about this world.

everyone is fucking fake.
everyone is fucking incompetent.
everyone is incapable of handling themselves without someone else.
everyone tries too fucking hard to be someone.

i only need a couple things to make me happy.
some people need a lot of things to make them happy.

i'm fine with a few close friends.
most everyone is fine with a bunch of friends.

i see the world differently from most people.
most people are fucking blind.

two days from now marks a "holiday" of love.
some holiday.

five days out of seven i'm exhausted.
five days out of seven i put up with bullshit.
five days out of seven i'm not free.

two days out of seven i'm free.

two months from now i should be driving.
that'll change everything.

looking back one year ago, fuck it.
i'm a much stronger person now.
i'm a much weaker person now.

i'm sick of temporary people.
i hate temporary things.

i don't like change.
i hope things don't change.

hatehatehate makes the world go round.
lovelovelove makes the world go round.

without hate you don't have love, without love you don't have hate.

with one line your whole mood can change.
heart pounding.
brain rushing.

with one puff your mood can change.
body relaxed.
brain slowed down.

with one needle your whole life can go downhill.

with one pill your life can be brought back up.
with a clear mind.
and a smile on your face.

with action comes responsibility.
with responsibility comes action.

be all you can be.
don't give anything less than 100%.
don't give into anything you don't want to.
be who you want to be.
don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
anything is possible.
look on the bright side, all the time.
don't let others bring you down.
don't let someone tell you you can't do something.
tell the truth, but tell it slant.
don't be blunt.
be interesting, and people will like you more.
don't be a clone, drone, fake, liar or cheater.
don't fuck up.
don't let yourself down.
don't let the others around you down.
don't be depressed.
there's someone out there for everyone.
wait your turn.
don't be in a rush.
life is too short to waste it.
do all you can.
suicide is cheating.
suicide is not cool.
suicide is not trendy.
suicide is serious.
suicide is cowardly.
suicide is the sucker's way out.
suicide is illegal.
suicide is low.

leadership is key.
mind power is a good thing to have.

music is powerful.
music is wonderful.
music is brilliant.
music is everything.

friends are your everything.
friends are your world.
friends are trustworthy.
friends are not backstabbers.
friends are there for you when you need them.
friends are there to help you.
friends are there to make you happy.
friends are there to love you no matter what.

family is strong.
family is loving.
family is caring.
family is loving no matter what.
family is blood.
family is trust.
family is birth.
family is death.

school is to educate.
school is to accomplish.
school is to adapt.
school is to learn.
school is to help you.
school is important.
school is worth it.
school is there to be accomplished.
school is for success.
school is to never give up.

don't give up.

you could die any day.
you could get shot.
get run over.

make sure you've done something with your life.

i like to look at myself as someone who matters.
if something happened to me, people would be affected.
i like knowing that.
knowing that people care about me.
knowing that people love me.
knowing that i have amazing friends.
and a loving caring family.
even though things might seem bad, things are good.
school is good.
friends are good.
family will get better.
girls will get better.

even in times where everything is horrible, i still look on the bright side.

i love myself.
i hate myself.

i love everyone.
i hate everyone.

heart pounding, heavy breathing, mind brainstorming.
symptoms of a 5:30 PM line.

white angel.
white devil.
white savior.
white killer.

emotions are too vast for words.
emotions can find just the right words.

writing helps everything.
writing puts everything on paper.
writing on paper gives you something to look at and remember.
writing things to look back on and remember gives you knowledge not to repeat the same bullshit.

standards are good to have.
my standards are bad to have.

just one more line.
just two more lines.
just three.
just four.

you sound like a fucking broken record.

i'll show you a good time.
i'll show you what it's like to have fun.
i'll show you how it is to be loved.
i'll show you i'm not like everyone else.
i'll show you.
yes, you.

i don't care if you hate me.
i don't care if you hate my friends.
i don't care if you hate my style.
i don't care if you call me a faggot.
i don't care if your muscles are bigger than my head.
i don't care if you have a million friends.
i don't care if you know people.
i don't care about you.

having people to rely on is great.
don't rely too much, you're abusing the system.

trust me, you don't really know me that well.
maybe except a few of you.
but as time goes on you'll learn more.
if you want.
it's up to you.
you're my friend.

if you're reading this you care.
if you're reading this i have something to do with you.
if you're reading this you're probably thinking what the fuck?
if you're reading this i'm fine.
if you're reading this i'll be fine tomorrow.
if you're reading this i'd appreciate to hear you.
if you're reading this i thank you.

if you've made it to here you really do care.
let me know who you are.

friends aren't defined by a top eight you fuckers.
friends aren't defined by comments
friends aren't defined by a number.
fuck you.

friends? no.
fiends? no.
f(r)iends? yes.

being the center of attention is nice.
being watched by dozens is great.
being thanked and loved is awesome.

respect everyone.
respect yourself.
respect your enemies.
don't let them get ahead of you.

don't get tangled up in lies.
don't get caught up in drama.
don't get thrown into bullshit.
stay drama free.
(not) drug free.

don't do stupid shit.
don't try to make yourself look cool.
don't say something if you don't know what you're talking about, people will think you're stupid.

everyone has enemies.
everyone has someone.
everyone has friends.
everyone has family.
everyone has love.
and everyone has hate.

find yourself, then exploit yourself.
don't sit there rotting till you die.

get up.
do something.

don't frown.

look up.
not down.

don't be pessimistic.
be optimistic.

have some morals.
fuck morals.

let me hear your voices people.
you know that's what i want.

i'm andrew.
i'm caring.
i'm trustworthy.
i'm smart.
i'm optimistic.
i'm funny.
i'm going somewhere.
i'm a musician.
i'm creative.
i'm myself.
i'm not like you.
i'm not like him, nor like her.
i'm not someone you've met before.

i'll show you who i am.
i'll show you how i am.
i'll show you.

don't worry.

today i had two friends.
an ID card.
and a dollar bill.

that was deep.

shut up.


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